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This is a listing of all of the current members of the project (Sort by name, affiliation):

  • Alegria, Julio F., INRENA, Peru (julioalegria@infonegocio.net.pe)
       Interests: Environmental Management
  • Atadero, Rebecca, Colorado State University (Rebecca.Atadero@colostate.edu)
  • Danh, Vo Thanh, Cantho U. of Viet Nam (vtdanh@ctu.edu.vn)
  • Day, Jack, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay (dayj@uwgb.edu)
       Interests: water resource management, environmental quality
  • Dornbush, Mathew, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (dornbusm@uwgb.edu)
       Interests: invasive species, microbial activity in soils
  • Fermanich, Kevin, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (fermanik@uwgb.edu)
  • Fink, Jessie, JJR - Madison, WI (jessie.fink@jjr-us.com)
       Interests: Landscape Architecture/Environmental Science
  • Giovannitti, Ernie, Consulting Engineer (egiovannitti@embarqmail.com)
  • Grayman, Walter, Consulting Engineer (grayman@fuse.net)
       Interests: Water supply issues
  • Han, Guoyi, Stockholm Environment Institute (guoyi.han@sei.se)
  • Hao, Fanghua, Beijing Normal University (fanghua@bnu.edu.cn)
       Interests: Water Resources Planning; Nonpoint Source Poll.
  • Katers, John, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay (katersj@uwgb.edu)
       Interests: renewable evergy, biomass resources
  • Lee, Terence, Independent (tlee@netline.cl)
  • Luu Tien Thuan, Cantho University, Viet Nam (ltthuan@ctu.edu.vn)
       Interests: Agricultural and Environmental Economics
  • Lyon, Walter, John Hopkins (walter.lyon@comcast.net)
       Interests: Chesapeake Bay Water Board
  • McCarthy, Peter, Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District (pmccarthy@gbmsd.org)
  • Pham Gia Hai, Bien Hoa, Viet Nam (phamgiahaigis@gawab.com)
       Interests: GIS for the Urban Environment
  • Saito, Laurel, University of Nevada Reno (lsaito@cabnr.unr.edu)
       Interests: interdisciplinary modeling for aquatic ecosystems
  • Wenger, Robert, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay (wengerr@uwgb.edu)
       Interests: environmental decision-making, mathematical models