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English as a Second Language


English as a second language (ESL) courses have been offered at UW-Green Bay since the late 1970's. During the regular academic year, two separate ESL courses are offered, HUM STUD 220 (Listening and Speaking Across Cultures, 3 credits) and ENG COMP 164 (ESL Composition, 3 credits). These courses are designed for international or domestic bilingual students who are completing an academic program at UW-Green Bay and would like to further strengthen their English language skills. During the beginning of each semester, an ESL placement exam is given, which focuses on listening, reading and writing.

Visit the Modern Languages page if you are interested in becoming trained to teach ESL to English language learners.

The ESL Placement Exam

As the undergraduate catalog indicates, an ESL placement exam is given to all admitted international students at the beginning of each semester.

The exam consists of three parts: a listening test, a reading test and a writing test. The listening and reading exams are computer-adaptive tests from ACT, called the ACT ESL Placement Test. The in-house writing exam lasts one hour and is scored by current teachers of first-year composition courses at UW-Green Bay. A passing score on the listening and reading exams is 80 or higher. A passing score on the writing exam is 3 or higher. A student who does not pass the listening exam will be placed into HUM STUD 220 (ESL: Listening and Speaking Across Cultures). A student who does not pass both the reading and writing exams will be placed into ENG COMP 164 (ESL Composition).

International students with TOEFL scores of 600 or above (paper-based), 250 or above (computer-based) or 100 or above (internet-based) are exempted from the ESL placement exam at UW-Green Bay and may be placed directly into ENG COMP 100 College Writing.

International students admitted with lower TOEFL scores are required to take the the UW-Green Bay ESL Placement Exam upon their arrival. They will then be placed into appropriate english courses based on their ESL exam scores in listening, reading, and writing.