UW-Green Bay

Master of Science in Environmental Science & Policy


The admission requirements closely follow the university-wide policy for admission to graduate programs.

Prerequisite Preparation

Each student's prior academic background is evaluated by a program admissions committee when he or she applies. Admission to the Environmental Science and Policy graduate program requires a student to have a baccalaureate degree, completed the equivalent of a basic undergraduate course in statistics, and submitted current GRE general test scores. Students with a background in both policy and science will be given preference in admission decisions. Each area of emphasis requires different skills and preparation; therefore, additional prerequisites vary. 

Applicants who do not meet these requirements may be granted Provisional Admission if their academic record, letters of reference, and GRE scores indicate potential for successful completion of the program. However, these students will have additional requirements placed upon them as part of their academic plan to make up any deficiencies.

Required Application Material

Special Students

Persons holding baccalaureate degrees or higher who wish to enroll in courses but who do not want to pursue a degree may enroll as special students. Graduate credit will be awarded provided that the student registers in graduate level courses as a graduate special student and pays graduate fees.

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