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Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Policy

Find an Advisor

To find an advisor, review our faculty listing and identify individuals that are working in the areas that interest you most. Read their papers. Find out what projects they are working on now. Review what kinds of projects their past students worked on and review their theses or publications. See if their past students are now working at a job like you are hoping to find after you graduate.

Faculty and Research - Faculty Research Interests

ES&P Faculty research programs cover a wide range of specializations including:

Contacting Potential Advisors

Once you have identified one or more faculty members whose work you have reviewed, contact them via email. Be sure to to provide a short introduction that includes your general educational and career goals as well as your research interests.

Questions to ask a potential advisor:

  • Are they currently accepting students?
  • What projects are they actively seeking students to fill?
  • How do they run their lab?
  • Do they have regular meetings with their students and staff?
  • What laboratory and office space and resources are available for graduate students?
  • What types of funding do they think would be available to fund graduate student research?