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Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Policy

Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control and Abatement

  • Franklin Chen
    Organic contaminant remediation; rock erosion effects (tidal wave and bubble implosion effects on rock surfaces); mesoporous materials with gas phase contaminant adsorption properties; polymeric electrolytes with potential industrial applications; sonochemistry that may enhance catalytic ability.
  • John Katers
    Research interests include solid waste management and recycling, renewable energy systems, water and wastewater treatment, and resource management and sustainability issues.
  • Steve Meyer
    The use of climate probabilities in decision making, comparing the accuracy of short- and medium-range forecasts from various sources.
  • Patricia Terry
    Water quality, environmental separations, alternative energies, biodiesel.
  • Michael Zorn
    Development of photocatalytic and catalytic methods for degradation of environmentally relevant compounds; development of enhancement of experimental methods (including sensors) for the analysis of environmental samples.