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Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Policy

Conservation and Restoration Ecology

  • Greg Davis
    Smooth, discrete, and chaotic dynamical systems; mathematical modeling of biological and physical systems, cliff swallow-house sparrow dynamics.
  • Matt Dornbush
    Native plant restorations to improve ecosystem services, focusing principally upon their influence on soil organisms and processes.
  • Michael Draney
    Conservation applications of terrestrial arthropod assemblages, especially spiders, and have a particular interest in the ecology and taxonomy of sheet web spiders (family Linyphiidae).
  • Patrick Forsythe
    Fisheries biology and ecology with emphasis on ecosystems of the Great Lakes region; mating systems and early life history dynamics of fishes; behavioral ecology and species interactions; population/community ecology; landscape ecology; conservation biology; dynamic evolutionary processes that lead to adaptation.
  • Robert Howe
    Bird population ecology, Great Lakes coastal wetlands, environmental indicators, landscape ecology, and forest dynamics; my students have investigated a wide diversity of organisms ranging from soil invertebrates to mammals.
  • Patrick Robinson
    Habitat restoration, especially in wetland and shallow lacustrine environments,ecosystem management science and policy.
  • Amy Wolf
    Conservation biology, plant-animal interactions, conservation of native bees, plant population ecology, restoration ecology, butterfly conservation and monitoring, ornithology.