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Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Policy

Environmental Geology and Soil Science

  • Ryan Currier
    Magma dynamics; Magmatic sulfide formation; Diffusion in crystals; Volatiles in magmas; Analog experiments of magmatic intrusions; Crystals in transport.
  • Matt Dornbush
    Native plant restorations to improve ecosystem services, focusing principally upon their influence on soil organisms and processes.
  • Michael Draney
    Conservation applications of terrestrial arthropod assemblages, especially spiders, and have a particular interest in the ecology and taxonomy of sheet web spiders (family Linyphiidae).
  • Kevin Fermanich
    Soil processes and ground water quality; hydrology of wetlands; fate of contaminants.
  • John Luczaj
    Water-rock interaction in eastern Wisconsin Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, arsenic in northeastern Wisconsin rocks and groundwater, fluid-inclusions in minerals, carbonate diagenesis, Mississippi Valley-Type mineralization, bedrock geology of Brown County, Wisconsin.
  • Rachel Russell
    Green stormwater infrastructure in Green Bay and Milwaukee, with a particular focus on how this infrastructure improves access to green space and urban agriculture for low-income communities and communities of color.