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Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Policy

Sustainable Systems, Green Energy, and Climate Change

  • Matt Dornbush
    Native plant restorations to improve ecosystem services, focusing principally upon their influence on soil organisms and processes.
  • Kevin Fermanich
    Soil processes and ground water quality; hydrology of wetlands; fate of contaminants.
  • John Katers
    Research interests include solid waste management and recycling, renewable energy systems, water and wastewater treatment, and resource management and sustainability issues.
  • Steve Meyer
    The use of climate probabilities in decision making, comparing the accuracy of short- and medium-range forecasts from various sources.
  • John Stoll
    Environmental and natural resource economics, contingent valuation techniques, outdoor recreation, conservation of species and habitat. Teaches courses in public finance, urban and regional economic theory, microeconomics, econometrics, natural resource and environmental economics.
  • Patricia Terry
    Water quality, environmental separations, alternative energies, biodiesel.
  • Michael Zorn
    Development of photocatalytic and catalytic methods for degradation of environmentally relevant compounds; development of enhancement of experimental methods (including sensors) for the analysis of environmental samples.