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Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Policy

Areas of Emphasis

The program requires you to choose an area of emphasis to better tailor your academic experience to meet your personal interests and future career plans. All areas of emphasis are supported by a broad range of electives in that allow for and encourage flexibility in designing an individual program of study around the core of required courses. Each area of emphasis has a practical orientation that involves real world problems and issues rather than presenting theoretical knowledge alone.

There is no one way to decide on a program emphasis. Most often your choice of research topic and advisor will determine your area of emphasis. If the project you are envisioning does not fit neatly into any of our three categories you can choose to work with your advisor to develop your own personal program of study.

Whichever area of emphasis you choose, you will receive an education and degree that will match your primary interests, but will also prepare you for a broad and dynamic job market in environmental science and public policy.

The program offers four areas of emphasis: