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Masters Degree in Environmental Science & Policy

Environmental Policy & Administration

Students who select Environmental Policy and Administration study the characteristics and operation of government institutions; organizational theory, design and evaluation; and substantive policies in regulation, environmental protection, science and technology, and energy and natural resources. Courses emphasize environmental problem analysis and planning, policy analysis and formulation, environmental law and implementation, program evaluation, statistical analysis and the application of social science research methods to environmental issues.

The Environmental Policy & Administration area of emphasis prepares students to:

  • identify and analyze policy-relevant problems of major importance;
  • design, evaluate, and implement strategies and programs for addressing such problems, and;
  • design, manage, and evaluate project teams and organizational systems concerned with such problems, policies, programs, and strategies.

Graduates typically enter governmental agencies at the national, state or local level, or nonprofit organizations, where their work involves policy analysis, planning, or administration. Some prefer positions in legislative bodies, environmental organizations, or industry where administrative or analytical work is combined with politics, public relations, education or advocacy.