Conserve On Campus

UW-Green Bay Faculty Expertise

  • John Katers
    Associate Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences

    Renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste minimization, recycling

  • Bob Howe
    Professor, Natural and Applied Science

    Ecological-type issues

  • John Stoll
    Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs

    Economics-related issues


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UW-Green Bay Conservation Effort in the News

Watch this spot for 'Conserve-a-Tip'

August 2006
Ride share, car pool list serve started. As a follow-up to an honors project by recent graduate Michelle Eis, the University has created a list-serve for those interested in car pooling or ride sharing. Both strategies, for regular routes or spontaneous, occasional trips, can facilitate reduced energy use, reductions in emissions, and help the University reduce future parking expansion. Users can subscribe by sending a message to with the words "subscribe CarPool-L" in the subject line (minus the quotes).

April 2006
In May, the campus is required to submit an energy conservation report to UW System Administration for re-submission to DOA. This report must include measures implemented since mid-December 2005 and results of those efforts. If you are aware of any other steps that the campus could or should be taking to minimize energy consumption, please bring them to the attention of Paul Pinkston, campus planner for facilities management, at ext. 2373. Then watch the LOG postings for Conserve-a-Tip — a forum for making you aware of conservation efforts on campus, and suggestions on how you can personally contribute to those efforts.

Close up of pipe in physical plant.
Close up of pipe in physical plant.
Close up of pipe in physical plant.
Close up of fuse box in physical plant.
Blue bioler pot.