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Fleet Vehicles - Billing

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The completed Vehicle Fleet Form serves as an invoice for billing purposes. The form must be filled out accurately and returned promptly at the end of each trip with the clipboard, car keys, and credit cards or a $20.00 fee will be charge.

Car fleet chargeback rates are as follows and are subject to change:




$.37/mile and $20.00 per day

Mini Vans

$.39/mile and $20.00 per day

A sliding mileage rate has been implemented to account for fuel price fluctuations from a base of $2.40/gallon.  The rate will raise or lower $0.01/mile for every $0.20/gal fuel price change from the base rate.

Late cancellation fee (notice given less than 24 hours prior to the reserved date/time.


Refueling charge if vehicle is not refueled when returned.


Excessive cleaning and garbage removal charge.


Late return fee for vehicles returned late without prior approval.


Clipboard returned  without chargeback paperwork or incomplete paperwork


User takes own vehicle even though
a fleet car is available


No car available

$.54/mile reimbursable