Introduction to Earth Science, Earth Sci-102
Kevin Fermanich
University of Wisconsin Green Bay
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Spring 2007   

2007 Syllabus


Exam 1    February 8;  50 questions, 100 points. 
Exam 2    March 8, 50 questions, 100 points  
Exam 3  April 12, 50 questions, 100 points 
Final Exam, May 15th, 8-10:00 AM   70 Questions, 140 points

Exam review sheets

Study Tips sheet from Intro Env Science (basic ideas apply to Earth Science too).

2007 Optional Field Trip: Saturday April 21   (up to 25 points can be earned on field trip exam at end of semester.  Can use field guide book on exam)

Link to Professor Dutch's Field Trip Guide.  (fixed 4/28)


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