Environmental Science and Policy Capstone Seminar
UW-Green Bay  ES&P 763 

Fall 2007

Instructors:  Professors Kevin Fermanich and Michael Kraft.   Course material migrated to D2L in 2007.

2007 Project:   Sustainability: The Next Step--Estimating the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s Carbon Footprint

Links to all 2007 project reports and presentations will be archived at  Past Capstone Course Projects - Environmental Science and Policy by April 1.

The 2007 reports are temporarily available here.

Report sections in PDF:  

Chapter 1: Scope 1 – Direct sources of GHG emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by the university
        Chapter 1: Scope 1 Appendices
Chapter 2:  Scope 2 – Indirect Emissions
        Chapter 2 : Scope 2—Appendices
Chapter 3: Scope 3 – Other Indirect Emissions
        Chapter 3 : Scope 3—Appendices
Chapter 4 : Carbon Offsets - Carbon Sequestration
Chapter 5: Integration—How the Campus Carbon Calculator Works and What it Does

December 4, 2007 Presentations and Posters:

PowerPoint Presentation:  Sustainability The Next Step: Estimating UW Green Bay s Carbon Footprint
Poster:     Scope 1: On Campus Stationary Sources
Poster:     Scope 2: Indirect Emissions From the Production of Electricity
Poster:     Factors Associated with Carbon Sequestration
Poster:     Management Options for Improved Carbon Sequestration

Fall 2005

Syllabus  Word Doc. (with lots of links)    schedule update from Dr. Kraft 10/26

Final Group Reports, Posters and Presentation: Past Capstone Course Projects - Environmental Science and Policy

UWGB Master Plan Final Draft  (August 2005)  pdf

UWGB Draft Stormwater Plan from OMNNI Associates 10/26/05.  (Draft stormwater plan OMNNI Oct 2005; large file)
  Contact Jessica McCuskey for more info

4th International Conference on Environmental Management for Sustainable Universities (EMSU 2006) from Larry C.
        University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA June 26 - 30, 2006

The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education is a fully-refereed academic journal. Published in conjunction with the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF)

UW-Stevens Point equivalent of the Master Plan for 2005-2007.  http://www.uwsp.edu/admin/busaffairs/facplan/cdp.htm

 "Green Campuses: The Road from Little Victories to Systematic Transformation" at http://www.greencampus.harvard.edu/about/documents/green_universities.pdf and overview of the Harvard Green Campus Initiative Overview (computer energy reduction plan begins on page 15). The whole overview document is very interesting because it gives specifics on some things they did in their science labs to increase efficiency and discusses ways to change behavior.http://www.greencampus.harvard.edu/

J H-K 10/3/2005
Hello everyone,
Attached is a few tidbits I found searching other schools and organizational efforts in campus sustainability. The file contains:

Yale Office of Sustainability (http://www.yale.edu/opa/v34.n6/story7.html) New office adds energy to the drive for a 'greener' campus

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