Classroom and Course Behavior “Contract” (source Prof. Laatsch, UWGB Geography)


  • •large class, large room
  • •need special classroom procedures by instructor and student
•Objective: Make class more rewarding and enjoyable for all of us
  • •necessary to maintain order in the classroom (essential in classes this size)

Instructor Will:

  • –be on time
  • –be willing to spend at least 5 min after class to answer questions
  • –to make announcements about course matters not covered  in the syllabus at least twice on successive days
  • –to respect all questions and students as serious
  • –to accept written and oral questions before and after class period and respond in class
  • –to end on time (less than 1 min over)

Student Agrees to:

  • –be seated before beginning of class whenever possible
  • –cease talking at beginning of class period
  • –refrain from speaking to seatmates during class
  • –remain seated and attentive until dismissed, and refrain from preparing to leave until dismissed
  • –when unavoidably arriving late or having to leave early, enter by the back doors and sit in vacant seats back there.
  • –submit written questions if you do not wish to speak in class.

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