Introduction to Environmental Science Env Sci-102        Last Name ___________________      First Name _______________
Print this document and answer the following questions using the web sites as noted.
DUE in class Thursday April 27th.  4 points.

Calculate the fuel efficiency, costs, and CO2 emissions of automobiles.   Use the following links and linked web pages:

1.  Go to Hybrid Vehicles; How Hybrids Work  What are the two types of engines in hybrid vehicles? __________   ___________.

2.  Complete the following table: (click on Find and Compare Cars)


Year/Cylinders/ transmission MPG city MPG Hwy. Annual CO2 equivalent Emissions (tons)
[GH gases]
EPA Air Pollution Score (1-10)
Wisconsin area
Toyota Camry 2006/4/auto    
Chev T10 4WD
your instructors former chariot
1988/6/5sp man 18    
Chev Colorado 4WD 2006/5/5sp man 18    

Honda Civic Hybrid

Volkswagon New Beetle 2005/4/5sp man, 1.9 L diesel 38
Dodge Durango 4WD 2005/8/5.7 L auto (4) 13    
Ford Escape 4WD 2006/4/auto (hybrid) 33      
Complete info for your vehicle below using customize fuel assumptions (not graded).

Your assumptions here: (assume _______ mi/yr, __  % city, __  % highway, $_____  per gal)


Since 1988 has fuel efficiency of Chevrolet small (T10/S10) 4WD tucks improved much?   _______________

Does a New Beetle have better MPG than the Durango? __________ 
Does Beetle (diesel)  produce significantly less AIR pollution (excluding GH gases)? ________

3.  Go to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Green Car Website.
Why are some SUVs (e.g., Hummer H2 or Ford Excursion) fuel efficiency not listed in the EPA Fuel Economy list?  Look in the third paragraph of section on: Learn why some light trucks score so poorly (link is in box on the website).