Step 5a: Animation (Flow Path Evolution)

This step shows the evolution of the flow paths computed in Step 4a.

  • Click the "Animation" button to bring up the Animation Dialog Box.
  • Set the animation speed by specifying the amount of travel time (in days or years) that is equal to 1 second of animation time. The appropriate speed will depend on the domain length, average hydraulic gradient, and hydraulic properties. For an initial attempt, try setting 1 second of animation time = 10 days. If the resulting animation is too slow, then increase the animation speed (for example, 1 second of animation time = 100 days). If the animation is too fast, decrease the animation speed (for example, 1 second of animation time = 1 day).
  • Set the animation smoothness by specifying number of frames per second.
  • Click "OK" and wait for the window to be refreshed.
  • To start the animation, click anywhere inside the window, below the buttons.
  • Additional clicks alternately freeze and unfreeze the animation.
  • The elapsed travel time is shown at the bottom of the window.

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