Step 6b: Flow (Particle Transport)

This step sets up the initial position of a cluster of fluid particles.

  • Click the "Flow" button to bring up the Flow Dialog Box.
  • Select the "Particle movement" option.
  • Enter the initial particle spacing (in meters). As a general guide, start with a spacing that about 1/100 of the model domain length. (For example, if the model domain length is 1000 meters, then enter a particle spacing of 10 meters.)
  • Click "OK" to close the dialog box.
  • Draw a polygon to outline the initial location of a cluster of fluid particles. Keep the polygon relatively small to avoid having too many particles (which will slow down the animation).
  • After the polygon is drawn, it will be filled with particles at the prescribed spacing.
  • To change the particle spacing, repeat the above step.

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