Here are Links Related to Phosphorus Sources and Delivery from Agricultural Fields and Watersheds to Surface Waters.

    K. Fermanich University of Wisconsin Green Bay (10/01)

Wisconsin P-Index and other P management tools for Wisconsin agriculture (Discovery Farms Program, UW-Madison, UWEX)

MINIMIZING PHOSPHORUS LOSSES FROM AGRICULTURE: SERA-17 National Work Group.  P Issues, Origin of the P Index, Publications on P and environmental concerns... 

Iowa P Index (Iowa NRCS web site) Downloadable spreadsheets and documentation.  This is the one that Wisconsin's draft P Index is modeled after.

Phosphorus Research Roundtables University of Wisconsin Department of Soil Science Research and Extension Program


RUSLE 2:   Information site U. Tennessee at Knoxville.  Final version scheduled for April 2002.  NRCS Wisconsin plans to begin training in the Spring of 2002.

Uusitalo, R., et. al., Particulate phosphorus and sediment in surface runoff and drainflow from clayey soils. Journal of Environmental Quality v. 30 no. 2 (March/April 2001) p. 589-95