362-492 Practicum in Environmental Science:

Environmental Measurements

 Two Credit, Spring 2002; Meeting time to be arranged.  Limit of 8. 

 Prereq: 600-260, 225-212 & 296-202 or 416-222

Lab practicum on environmental measurements aimed at hands-on measurements using data loggers, various sensors, GPS, and water measurement equipment. The course will emphasize sensor use, datalogger programming and deployment, data acquisition and analysis.

Students will gain experience in using a variety of  contemporary monitoring equipment including:

Types of automated measurements will include: water level, air and water temperature, soil water content, DO, pH, specific conductance, oxygen reduction potential, and standard weather station data.

Fieldwork required.

 Contact: Kevin Fermanich, LS 421, fermanik@uwgb.edu  

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