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Financial Aid

Apply for a Parent PLUS Loan

The Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan is a federally sponsored and regulated national student loan program. The PLUS Loan enables credit-worthy parents of undergraduate, dependent students to borrow funds to pay for their child's educational expenses. The funds are borrowed directly from the federal government and the loan will be serviced by a company contracted by the Dept. of Education. The servicer will be the point of contact for all repayment questions. For more information, see Other Funding Options.

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Process- To Apply

  1. The Parent: Go to – you will need either Internet Explorer or Firefox browser.
  2. Start by clicking on the 'Sign in' button. The parent borrower will need his/her own FSA ID and password in order to access the Dept. of Education's system. If the parent does not have an FSA ID, there is a link at the bottom of the site that will allow you to create one.
  3. Go to 'Request a Direct PLUS Loan' and select 'Parent PLUS'. After completion of the application, a credit check will be performed, and you will see the results immediately. Your PLUS Loan amount will be automatically divided equally between the fall and spring semesters. If you want to discuss alternatives to this 50/50 split, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (920) 465-2075.
    • If you have been approved, continue to the PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note to complete the process. We will be notified of the results, and we will request the funds for you.
    • If you are denied, the site will give you some options:
      1. Will Not Pursue PLUS Loan. If a parent is denied a PLUS loan, the Department of Education allows schools to offer a limited amount of additional Unsubsidized Loan to your student. If you choose this option (Will Not Pursue PLUS Loan), the Financial Aid Office will receive notification of this, and we will offer your son/daughter additional Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan that they can accept if needed. We will send you an email notifying you of this action.
      2. Obtain an endorser. With a credit-approved endorser (or cosigner), and the completion of PLUS Loan Counseling for the borrower, the PLUS loan may be approved. See details on the site. The endorser would log in to using their own PIN, and click 'Endorse Direct PLUS Loan.' The endorser will need the Loan Reference Number from the original PLUS Loan application. Only the borrower needs to complete PLUS Loan Counseling (not the endorser).
      3. Appeal the credit decision. Details explained on the site or contact the Department of Education Applicant Services at 1-800-557-7394 to follow up regarding Parent PLUS credit decisions. The Department of Education will review the appeals process and documentation needed. If the appeal is granted, the borrower must also complete the Dept. of Education’s PLUS Loan Counseling before obtaining the loan.