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Financial Aid

Confidentiality and FERPA

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay complies with federal and state privacy laws and regulations. The data in your file may only be released to authorized representatives of federal and state agencies, lenders, and university agents needing the information for awarding and advising. No one else, however, may review your file without your written consent or a subpoena or court order. See UW-Green Bay's FERPA Policy for more information.

Executive Order 54

Please be aware that UW-Green Bay employees are required to report incidents of child abuse and neglect. Per Governor Walker’s Executive Order 54 signed on 12/19/11, if you reveal that you (if you are under 18 years old) are, or another minor is, currently being abused or neglected or has been threatened with abuse or neglect, we may have to report that information to UW-Green Bay Public Safety, law enforcement and/or to Brown County Human Services. For more information, see UW-Green Bay's Policy on the Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect.