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Get Connected

The Focus Series is designed to help you get connected to all aspects of the UW-Green Bay experience. Students that are highly engaged in college, especially their first year, are more likely to get better grades and stay in school. Students highly engaged in college will be better prepared to take advantages of opportunities like future internships or jobs. Check out some of the ways you can prepare to take advantage of your opportunities at UW-Green Bay.

“Class of....“ Facebook Page

Each incoming class has a Facebook group specifically for you. Join the group, introduce yourself, ask questions or just observe what everyone else is asking questions about. This group is a great way to connect with your peers, learn about opportunities, find a roommate and much more.

Just search UWGB Class of 2022 on Facebook and ask to join.

Student Organizations

Many first year students were involved in student organizations in high school. Involvement in student organizations in college helps you meet new people with similar interests, build communication and teamwork skills, explore your passions and gain concrete experience that can help you land a job after college. UW-Green Bay has over 100 different student organizations, and if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for starting a new organization is easy. Check out the website to explore your options.

The GPS (Gateways to Phoenix Success) Program

The GPS Program is a jump start for your college life. It's an intensive year-long experience where you'll be matched with faculty and peer mentors and a small group of students. You'll take classes together, receive personalized mentoring, get involved on campus, do service in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and build confidence to ensure you get the most from college.

GPS students earn higher GPA's, are more likely to graduate on time, are leaders across campus, and are more satisfied with their college experience.

Click to learn more about GPS, including how to apply!