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First Year Seminar Series

What to expect

The First Year Seminars are a group of courses that are part of the First Year Program at UW-Green Bay. The seminars are designed to provide students with an educational experience characterized by dynamic learning and interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. They provide high quality interactions with a professor and classmates in a small size seminar environment. The courses also encourage students to connect with the campus community through a variety of activities. All first-year students will be required to take a first year seminar to fulfill a general education requirement. Most will take the seminar in their first semester at UW-Green Bay.

Although freshman seminars vary in topics, all have common elements. They are:

  • To promote engagement and to facilitate a positive adjustment to college. Students have the opportunity to connect with their faculty, other students, campus resources, and the community.
  • To introduce students to a problem-focused, interdisciplinary education. Students will address problems from multiple perspectives.
  • To promote the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will begin to develop the ability to analyze data/information from a critical perspective.
  • To develop communication skills. The courses emphasize effective communication including writing, speaking, and the ability to work in a small group environment.
  • To promote information literacy. The seminars introduce the idea of information literacy in the context of writing and speaking assignments so that students have a better understanding of how information is collected, how to assess the quality of the information and its sources, and how to use information effectively.

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