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Who are Rick and Jim?

Photo: Jim Wochinske and Rick Chernick

Richard J. Chernick (right) and James R. Wochinske (left) are lifelong friends and graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. They both graduated in 1974 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Managerial Systems.

Chernick and Wochinske have been long-time supporters of the University. Jim Wochinske currently serves on the Board of Directors/Council of Trustees. Rick Chernick has also served on the Chancellor's Council of Trustees, in addition to the Alumni Association Board, and other campus advisory groups.

Both men are recipients of the UW-Green Bay Distinguished Alumni Award.
See Rick Chernick's Distinguished Alumni Profile, awarded in 1992
See Jim Wochinske's Distinguished Alumni Profile, awarded in 2005

Today, both men own and operate businesses in the Green Bay area. Chernick is the CEO of Camera Corner/Connecting Point, and Wochinske is the President of Pomp’s Tire Service Inc.

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