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UW-Green BayFoundation

Why give?

Your contribution goes to support student scholarships and academic programs at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. In this way, your gift allows us to strengthen the high-quality educational experience UW-Green Bay is known for, while providing that "margin of excellence" that ensures our students are prepared for life, work and service to the community. Consider:

Now, more than ever,
students need your support:


79% of current UW-Green Bay students receive some form of financial aid.


60% of UW-Green Bay students are first-generation college students.

Less than 20% of UW-Green Bay’s budget is supported by the state.

Tuition for students has increased
5% per year for the last 5 years.2007-12-tuition-increase

Building a strong University takes help from all of us:

The number of alumni who support their alma mater is taken into consideration when colleges are reviewed. Strong alumni support improves college rankings.
Your gift helps the next generation of students by opening the doors of opportunity and strengthening academic programs on campus.

UW-Green Bay has a proven track record:

  • UW-Green Bay has a number of award winning faculty and programs
  • Last year, of all contributions made to the Annual Fund:
  • 65% went to Scholarships and Awards
  • 25% went to Academic Programs
  • 10% supported Donor Relations and Alumni Events

It’s UW-Green Bay’s FIRST alumni challenge!

This is the first Challenge Gift of its kind at UW-Green Bay—be a part of history!

Pay it forward:

  • Having a college degree allows you to make more over your lifetime, and increases your opportunities in your career and in life.
  • The more competitive we are able to make a UW-Green Bay education, the greater the value of your degree by association.
  • 75% of UW-Green Bay graduates remain in Northeast Wisconsin—a local public university strengthens regional economy.
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