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2013 Faculty Award for
Excellence in Scholarship

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Michael Draney

Michael Draney 2013 Recipient of the Faculty Award for Excellence in ScholarshipProfessor, Natural and Applied Sciences

Michael Draney is one of the nation's foremost experts in the study of arachnids. Known affectionately as UW-Green Bay's "Spider Man," Draney has published widely, earned multiple research grants and is a frequent consultant for professional and community organizations, including Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. He is an authority on one of the most diverse spider families, the sheet-web spiders, co-authoring the first identification key to the 150 or more members of this spider family in North America.

In 2012 Draney hosted the annual American Arachnological Society at UW-Green Bay. Since 2007, he has conducted spider research in Panama and Costa Rica, and has led field biology travel courses there. His commitment to interdisciplinary study and to involving students in high-level research is well recognized.

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