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Students supporting UW-Green BayFuture Alumni Association

Defining “Alumni”

Alumni are an important part of UW-Green Bay and the community. Many donate their time, money and effort to promote and improve their alma mater.

What is an ‘Alumni?’

  • An alumnus is someone who has received a degree from a school, in this case from UW-Green Bay.
  • There are more than 30,000 UW-Green Bay alums.
  • Being an alumnus is like being part of a special club or exclusive community, each of whom have worked hard to be there.
  • All graduates are automatically members of the Alumni Association. There are no fees required to join!
  • More information, visit UW-Green Bay Alumni.

What is an ‘Alma Mater?’

Your alma mater is the school where you graduated from. If you graduated from UW-Green Bay, your alma mater would be UW-Green Bay.