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All students are given a campus network account which is used to access campus technology resources. Username and password information is provided in the acceptance letter. The same username and password is used to access SIS, D2L, Outlook (email) and other technology.

What is my username?

Usernames consist of the first four characters of your last name, your first name initial, middle name initial, and the two-digit day of your birth date. For example, Mary Kay Jones’s birthday is May 4th. Her username would be jonemk04. (There are occasional exceptions to this syntax. Contact the Help Desk for assistance at 920-465-2309).

What is my password?

Default passwords consist of the first letter of your last name (capitalized), the # sign, and your 9-digit Campus ID number. Example: J#123456789.

What if I can’t remember my password?

Use the On-line Password Reset to change your password. You must provide your 9-digit Campus ID, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your birthdate.

Still having problems?

If you tried resetting your password and still cannot get logged into your campus network accounts please contact the help desk at 920-465-2309.


Students rely HEAVILY on the Student Information System (SIS) to register for and add or drop classes, view class schedules, grades and degree progress reports, print transcripts, and access other academic and financial information including making payments and checking on financial aid status.

Desire 2 Learn (D2L) is a web-based learning environment used for discussions, readings and quizzes, supporting the in-class experience. D2L is also used to access online courses.


Student access their campus email through Outlook Web Access (OWA)