The Gerontology Center

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We have faculty from diverse backgrounds and students from a variety of disciplines. Learn more about us.

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  • Alzheimer's Disease: View streaming video of the HBO program on Alzheimer's disease
  • Social Security: Read a Summary of the Social Security and Medicare Trustees Annual Report

Key Activities

Key activities of the Gerontology Center include support for courses, public lectures, research seminars, and other events serving students, professionals, and older adults and their families in the region. Each year the Gerontology Center hopes to sponsor events on important aging concerns and related issues, and to bring outstanding scholars and officials to campus to conduct seminars and public lectures. Through the Gerontology Center, faculty from diverse backgrounds may collaborate on research, and students from a variety of disciplines may receive specialized training. In addition, professionals and interested members of our community may come together to discuss current research and topics of importance to the community at large.