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  • Alzheimer's Disease: View streaming video of the HBO program on Alzheimer's disease
  • Social Security: Read a Summary of the Social Security and Medicare Trustees Annual Report

News and Announcements

Opportunities for Students:

Student Internship and Service Learning opportunities working with adults of all ages in a variety of care-oriented programs are available both through the NEW Restorative Health Care and the Legacy Arts Project. For more information please contact Dr. VonDras (

Resources for Older Learners through the 50 Plus Initiative at NWTC:

Find out more about resources for older adult learners through the Plus 50 initiative at NWTC. The Plus 50 initiative seeks to make it easier for people over age 50 to achieve what they wish--whether it's being rehired, "rewired" or re-inspired:

Geriatric research, education, and clinical centers:

Find out about geriatric research, education, and clinical centers in the article by Supiano, M. A., Alessi, C., Chernoff, R., Goldberg, A., Morley, J.E., Schmader, K. E., & Shay, K. (2012). Department of Veterans Affairs Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Centers: Translating Aging Research into Clinical Geriatrics. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 60 (7), 1347-1356. Visit: