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Global Studies

Adam Parrillo

Adam Parrillo
Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Studies
(920) 465-2355

Adam Parrillo was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. He received a B.S. in Geography (2000), an M.A. in Human Geography (2003), and Ph.D. (2009) in Human Geography, all from the University of Cincinnati.

Teaching: Dr. Parrillo has acquired varied teaching experience during his years as a graduate student and instructor. In positions at the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, and Georgia Southern University, he instructed courses that include Urban Geography, Human Geography, World Regions, The Americas, NAFTA Nations, Europe, Africa, Geographic Information Systems, People and the Environment, and Cincinnati and the Tri-State Region. Here at UWGB, Dr. Parrillo’s courses include Intro to Urban Studies, Intro to Human Geography, Displays of Geographic Info, and GIS and the Urban World.

Research: Dr. Parrillo dubs his research specialty the Social Geography of Economic Development. Trained in classic Location Theory and Urban Geography, he is interested in how the processes and institutions of the political economy impact the social conditions of human populations. His current doctoral research examines market-based open enrollment policies in public education, their proclivity to segregate student populations upon socioeconomic characteristics, and their relationship to the emergence of the sociopolitical paradigm of Neoliberalism.

Membership and Activism: Dr. Parrillo is an active member of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). He is also Vice President of the Board of Directors and former Life Committee Chair of the Village Life Outreach Project (, a non-profit organization that organizes multidisciplinary teams of university faculty, health professionals, teachers, students and villagers in development projects in rural Tanzania. Additionally, he is a member of The Hillside Trust non-profit land conservancy, with which he served as technical consultant on numerous developmental projects, including a seminal Viewshed Study of the City of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Poster, Papers, and Presentations

Magnetizing Public Education: The Polarizing Consequences of Magnet Schools and their Neoliberal Roots. Paper Presentation for Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Washington, DC, April 2010.

Riding the Wave to Africa: A Geographer's Experience in Organizational Outreach. Paper Presentation for Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Chicago, IL, March 2006.

Reaching Out to Africa with Research Poster Presentation for the University of Cincinnati Graduate Poster Forum, Cincinnati, OH, March 2006.

Co-Editor Room to Love: Images and Reflections from the 1st Annual Tanzania Medical Brigade of Village Life Outreach Project. 2005, Village Life Outreach Project.

Adam Goes to Africa!: Exploring the Human and Spatial Characteristics of an Underdeveloped Region - Tarime District, Tanzania. Colloquium presented to the Department of Geography, University of Cincinnati, April 2005.

Gender, Poverty, and Grocery Shopping in Cincinnati, Ohio: A Geographic Perspective. Paper and Poster presented at the Niehoff Urban Studio Open House, Cincinnati, OH, May 2003.

The Geography of Retail Food Location: A Demographic Analysis. Paper prepared and Poster presented at the Niehoff Urban Studio Open House, Cincinnati, OH, March 2003