Victoria Goff Victoria Goff teaches journalism and advises the award-winning university newspaper, the Fourth Estate. She has more than two decades of experience as a newspaper and magazine writer, columnist, author, editor, book publisher, public relations professional, and consultant. As a practicing journalist, her articles have been published in the Sactamento Bee, the Sacramento Union, the Portland Oregonian, the San Diego Union, Essence, among other newspapers and magazines. She has also written chapters in scholarly books and has been published in journals such as American Journalsim, Media History, and Journalism History. Goff's ground-breaking research findings have been cited in the nation's top journalism history text and in other scholarly works. She is currently working on a history of Spanish-language journalism in the United States and has just completed her first novel.
Goff is also a member of UW-Green Bay's history department and is the editor of the award-winning regional history magazine, Voyageur. A nationally recognized scholar, she has won awards for her academic writing, including the top four awards in the field of journalism history. Courses include newswriting, feature writing, advanced reporting, publications management, and print practicum. Through the Office of International Education, she also teaches a travel course to Australia.
She is also a regional faculty associate of Center for Caribbean and Latin American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is on the editorial board of Media History Monographs. Goff holds a B.A. in International Relations and Mass Communication from George Washington University, an M.A. in Latin American Studies from California State Univeristy-Los Angeles; and an M.A. and a C.Phil. in history from UCLA. For more detailed information, a curriculum vitae is also available.
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