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Master Academy for Civic and Public Affairs Curriculum

Monday, July 25, 2016

7:30 am- 8:30 am: Registration

8:30 am: Controlling Water Quality in Drinking Water Systems

The control of water quality in drinking water distribution systems is complicated.  However, there are ways to lower the potential for harmful water quality to occur.  This presentation describes a perspective that allows for a more comprehensive understanding of what shapes water quality in individual water systems than the regulatory perspective.  It also describes a technique for proactive control of water quality.  Green Bay Water Utility is used as an example of application of this technique in response to a Lead and Copper Rule compliance issue for lead.

Nancy Quirk is currently the General Manager at Green Bay Water Utility. Prior to working at Green Bay Water Utility, Nancy has worked as the Technical Engineering Services manager at Waukehsa Water Utility and as a Civil Engineer at Madison Water Utility. Nancy has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from University of Wisconsin-Platteville and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Wisconsin. Nancy Quirk, P.E. has been a member of AWWA (American Water Works Association) since joining Madison Water Utility in 1987.  She is currently serving on AWWA’s Water Utility Council and is the incoming International Director for Wisconsin for AWWA. 
Abigail Cantor, P.E., is a chemical engineer specializing in water quality investigations and proactive prevention of water quality issues. Her skills have been applied to drinking water in municipal water systems, commercial buildings, school buildings, and private residences and to industrial process water. Ms. Cantor began her career in 1980 designing treatment processes for water and wastewater. In 1991, when the Lead and Copper Rule was published, her focus changed to Lead and Copper Rule compliance and other water quality investigations. In 1997, she became an independent engineering consultant with her own firm, Process Research Solutions, LLC. The company not only specializes in chemical engineering services dealing with water quality issues, but it also specializes in monitoring‐data management and associated computer software using Ms. Cantor’s expertise as a computer programmer.

1:00 pm:  Social Media Best Practices and Policies

How are agencies using social media to support rulemaking and other activities? How can a social media manager chart a path forward in the world of ever-changing social networks? Understand where to start with social media, how to overcome opposition/lack of understanding, and be more efficient when communicating online.

Terra Fletcher, Terra L. Fletcher has a decade of experience in business development and marketing consultancy. She has presented 100 workshops, panels, and classes on communication. She was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year (2012). Terra has trained the City of Shawano, National Association of Tax Professionals, the American Counseling Association, the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and Georgia Pacific.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016 What do we do When...

7:30 am- 8:30 am: Registration

8:30 am: Crude Oil by Rail:  Train Derailment

Do you know what is traveling by rail through your town? The United States is producing more oil than it has in 30 years and is relying on railroads to deliver these products to refineries.  Oil trains are not subject to the same strict routing requirements placed on other hazardous materials.  Trains carrying explosive crude are permitted to pass directly through cities.  November 9, 2015 a Canadian Pacific Railway train loaded with crude oil jumped the tracks in Watertown on a Sunday afternoon spilling hundreds of gallons of oil and causing neighborhood evacuations.  Learn about the train routes carrying crude oil through your counties and about preparedness.  Watertown emergency response team and local officials will tell their story of CRUDE OIL DERAILMENT.

Pat O’Connor:  Director, Bureau of Response and Recovery, Wisconsin Emergency Management
Donna Haugom:  Director, Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management and local officials

1:00 pm:  Run, Hide, Fight?

To survive an active shooter event you need a plan.  There are three options:  run, hide or fight.  Understand your options.

David Jones is a retired Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI).  He is currently the Emergency Manager for the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay Police Department.



Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7:30 am- 8:30 am: Registration

8:30 am: Last Lecture-Made to Serve:  The Tragic Corruption of America’s Founding Values

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” were key values according to our Founders. So what would they think, then, of our 24/7 work schedules, the outsized value we place upon work and material consumption today, and the fear that drives many to acquiesce to organizational demands that run counter to their own values and needs? Have our individual rights and freedoms been sacrificed to the organizational value system? These questions will be explored.

Lucy A. ArendtLucy Arendt, Ph.D., is the Associate Dean of the College of Professional Studies and the Director of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business at UW-Green Bay. Dr. Arendt is also an associate professor of management for the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. She received her B.S. in Business Administration and Spanish, and her M.S. in Administrative Science, both from UW-Green Bay. She earned her Ph.D. in Management Science (Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior) from UW-Milwaukee in 2006.

1:00 pm:  Priority Based Budgeting

In an ongoing era of tax levy freezes and declining revenues, the resources of our citizens are limited.  Therefore, if we hope to provide excellent citizen service, we need to direct those limited resources appropriately, being less concerned about the quantity of services we provide and more concerned about the quality of those services.  Come hear about Washington County’s political realities and approach to align tax dollars with priority programs through priority based budgeting.  Washington is the 1st official County in Wisconsin to engage the Center for Priority Based Budgeting and utilize a new approach to budgeting in order to accomplish County objectives.  The Center for Priority Based Budgeting work has been published and/or highlighted by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), Alliance for Innovation, Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), and National League of Cities (NLC). 

Joshua Schoemann, County Administrator for Washington County
Jamie Ludovic, Assistant to the County Administrator for Washington County


Thursday, July 28, 2016

7:30 am- 8:30 am: Registration

8:30 am: RISE Leadership: The 7 Stages of Service Leadership

The 7 Stages of Service Leadership is a coaching process designed to guide you through the process of growing as a leader.  Service Leadership is the platform for professional development and will clarify the importance of clarifying the mission of the organization.  In the 7 Stages of Service Leadership you will learn the service driven leadership philosophy and you will be equipped with practical tools to integrate the learning with your team.  Topics to be covered include:  Performance Management, Generational Differences, Communication Styles, Employee Engagement Surveys and Development.

ben.jpgBen Fauske is invested in serving leaders so that great teams win.  With over 15 years of practical leadership experience and extensive training in change management and communication, Ben delivers a unique blend of theory and practice.
Ben was the Director of Organizational Development for a Canadian based multi-national corporation with over 1100 employees, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.  He led the training and leadership development process from the executive level to the shop floor.  Ben also specializes in culture development, and performance management.  Ben has designed talent and culture assessments for employee engagement and team development.
Organizations looking to implement strategy execution, increase employee engagement and drive productivity have found significant results in the customized process.  Ben has worked with startups, non-profits, governmental agencies and large corporations, and his clients describe him as passionate, invested, and committed to the process of individual and organizational development.