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Community Resilience: The Closest Your Community Can Get to "Disaster Proofing Itself"


New Orleans, Louisiana. San Francisco, California. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Fukushima, Japan. Joplin, Missouri. Why do some communities falter in the wake of an extreme event, while other communities bounce back, regaining or even surpassing their former glory? This session starts by asking participants to imagine an extreme event in their locale (municipality, county). Nature, people, or both may cause the extreme event. Participants will explore what happens after the extreme event – from the immediate aftermath to potential recovery. Participants will also learn how the degree and form of a community’s resilience affects a community’s potential for recovery from an extreme event. Throughout the session, participants will consider the lessons learned from extreme events within and outside the United States, especially in the last two decades.

Lucy A. Arendt, Ph.D., is the Associate Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Director of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business at UW-Green Bay. Her recent research focuses on community resilience and recovery in the wake of disasters.  Arendt is the co-author of Natural Hazard Mitigation Policy: Implementation, Organizational Choice, and Contextual Dynamics and co-author of Managing for Long-Term Recovery in the Aftermath of Disaster.


8:30 am to 4:30 pm


$129 includes materials, instruction, lunch and breaks


Hyatt on Main
333 Main Street, Green Bay, WI  54301
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