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Local Government Education

Wisconsin Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute - July 12-17, 2015

How does the Clerks and Treasurers Institute work?

The Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute consists of three years of one-week programming which increases in difficulty. New students must sign up for Year One. The program is held annually and consists of 33-34 hours of classroom instruction per year for a total of 100 hours of programming over a three year period. Local government officials completing the three-year sequence should earn all of the educational points needed for the education portion of the WCMC, CMTW, and CPFA certificates. If you desire to complete your CMC you will have to return for one more year. Once you have completed the prescribed curriculum of 100 hours, you will graduate from the Institute.


Online registration is now closed.
Please contact Rachel Erin Johnson to register at 920-465-2642.
Thank you.

Printable Brochure with Registration Form


Institute Programs: What Should I Do?

There are eight tracks to choose from at the Institute. People who have never attended the Institute should choose either:

  • Municipal Clerks Institute
    This track provides education and training on clerk duties.
  • Municipal Treasurers Institute
    Provides education for municipal treasurer duties. This program does not provide basic accounting training. You should be able to post journal entries and perform T-account postings.

After completing the Clerks and Treasurers Institute, you have the following three options.

  • Clerks Completion Institute
    This program is a fourth year opportunity for people who have completed the Treasurers Institute. The Clerks Completion track offers the clerk/treasurer or a treasurer the opportunity to learn the clerk’s duties, compressed into one year.
  • Treasurers Completion Institute
    The Treasurers Completion track is a fourth year opportunity for people who have completed the Clerks Institute. The Treasurers Completion program gives the clerk/treasurer or a clerk the opportunity to learn the treasurer’s duties, compressed into one year.
  • Master Academy for Civic and Public Affairs
    The Academy for Civic and Public Affairs is for persons who serve in public office. Solution Focused, our cutting edge courses reflect the latest trends in government. Courses are taught by experts in the field that give our attendees tools they can apply immediately to their jobs. Through case studies and hands-on exercises you will have a chance to assess your understanding of the concepts. You can attend for a day, two or all four days. The program is MMC and WCPA approved, ICMA credential manager recognized. The dates for the Academy are July 28 -31. There is a $50 discount for four day, first time attendees.



The Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association (WMCA) and the Municipal Treasurers Association of Wisconsin (MTAW) offer full and partial scholarships. The scholarship applications are available on their respective websites in January. Scholarships range from $100 to all expenses paid including lodging and tuition. The applications are easy to fill out and well worth the effort. Last year 37 attendees received scholarships totaling over $16,000. Go to WMCA’s website at or MTAW’s website at to get your application.



Earn all of the educational points for the following certificates upon completions of our Institute. We are the only authorized provider in Wisconsin.

  • Certified Municipal Clerk-CMC (through IIMC – 120 points)
  • Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerk-WCMC (through WMCA – 100 points)
  • Certified Public Financial Administrator-CPFA (through APT US&C – 100 points)
  • Certified Municipal Treasurer of Wisconsin-CMTW (through MTAW)