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Local Government Education

Master Academy Classes

Join us for a half day of training!

Choose Tuesday and/or Wednesday afternoon classes as well as Friday morning.

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$69 for one half day (Includes materials and instruction. Lunch is not included.)
$110 for two half days (Includes materials and instruction. Lunch is not included.)
$179 for three half days (Includes materials and instruction. Lunch is not included.)

Course Choices:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014:

Choose one course from each time slot on Tuesday.

12:45 to 2:45 pm (Registration from 12:00 to 12:30 pm)

  • Electronic Records Management:
    This course will highlight some of the major challenges that are faced when dealing with electronic records.  Topics will include e-mail, social media, cloud computing, and data conversions.  You should have a basic understanding of records management principals before taking this course.  Instructor:  Harold Coltharp retired Section Chief for the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Administration, Records Management Section.

  • Town Topics:
    Carol Doran and Rick Stadelman will be conducting an interactive session on important topics that concern towns.  If you work for a town you may be very interested in this session.  Only towns may attend.

  • PSC Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures:
    This course is designed to learn the laws that govern municipal utilities. The Wisconsin Public Service Commission is the state agency that provides the oversight for utilities.  Instructors:  Bruce Schmidt, Cost Engineer, PE and Yaidi Cancel, Program & Policy Analyst from the Public Service Commission.

  • Advanced TIF:
    Learn the reasons why and how to create a TIF, the advantages and disadvantages, good financial management techniques and red flags to watch out for. Instructor:  Brad Viegut of Robert W. Baird.

  • SVRS Election Data:
    This course will cover the following topics: absentee ballot log, voter listing, voter participation, how to retrieve election data, how much to charge for election data, what’s considered “free” public information, what’s considered confidential information, GAB-190 data, and ineligible list. Instructors: Government Accountability Board

  • Communicating Your Fiscal Position to Your Board:
    Communicating Your Fiscal Position to Your Board is meant for the finance professional looking for a new way of conveying the monthly, quarterly or annually financials to their board, rather than just handing out data. The intention of the class is to teach how to take your financial data, enter it into Excel, create charts and graphs and then use those graphics to create a Power Point presentation to explain what the data means. Instructor: Bridget Souffrant, Finance Director/Comptroller for the City of Oak Creek.
    Prerequisites: Moderate skill in Excel and Power Point.

3:00 to 5:00 pm

  • TIF for Novices: 
    TIF for Novices is a course designed to teach the basics about Tax Increment Financing. If you have ever wondered what all the terms mean, you will really enjoy this course. Topics to be covered include: how to create a TIF District, how to determine the increment, the "but for" argument and some of the features of Wisconsin law as they apply to TIFs. Participants will leave the course with a basic understanding of what a TIF is and how it should be used. Instructor: Tim Schuenke, former City Administrator for the City of Delafield.

  • Citizen Engagement: Right Brain and the Emotional Draw:
    Want the right answer?  Ask the Right Brain. What local governments provide in services can often be a mystery to the common resident.  Here’s the issue:  How do you engage the public and encourage them to learn more about and see the value of what local government offers?  Engage right brain thinking.  Using Bayside as the platform, you will examine real examples of successful citizen engagement.  Learn to take control and shape conversations with your residents as opposed to governing in a reactive manner.  Discover the “NEW” normal at Bayside. Instructor: Andy Pederson, Village Manager for the Village of Bayside and Past- President of WCMA.

  • Tying Social Media Together in Marketing Your Municipality:   
    You understand what Facebook, Twitter and blogging are, but how do you fit all this in with marketing and communications for your municipality? This course will talk about how to accomplish this using a content calendar and repurposing content for your website and social media accounts while remaining cost effective and saving time. Instructor: Nicole Virant is an adjunct instructor for computer and business courses at Globe University.

  • Retirement-Ready or Not- Surviving Your Own Financial Decisions:
    Ultimately, you are the one responsible for your own financial security and road to retirement.  No matter what age you are or your current financial status, you need to be doing something. But what? This session will guide you through the main principles to understanding how to make the right decisions for you, from basic investing, grasping the concept of active vs. passive investing and ultimately unlocking Social Security. Instructor: Harold Coltharp retired Section Chief for the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Administration, Records Management Section.
  • Capital Budgeting:
    Purchasing a fire truck? Rebuilding a road? Implementing a new tax collection software system? These are all capital purchases that most communities undertake at some point. However, there are important differences in budgeting and monitoring capital purchases as compared to the operating budget. The goal of this course is to provide participants an overview of the capital budgeting process and will include the following topics:
    • Identifying capital needs by tracking asset life cycles
    • The capital plan – a 5-year plan or a 1-year plan and a 4 year wish list
    • Budgeting for sources and uses
    • Tips on using borrowed money
    • Working with engineers
    • What to include in the capital budget document
    • Monitoring project status
    This class will include a hands-on exercise where participants work in small groups to develop a mock capital budget. It will also include a review of examples of several capital budget documents. Instructor: John Ruggini is the Finance Director for the City of Wauwatosa. This is an advanced course.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014:

Choose one of the following courses.

12:45 to 5:00 pm (Registration from 12:00 to 12:30 pm)

  • Improve Office Efficiency by Maximizing Computer Capacity:
    This is an advanced course for students to improve their office efficiency. This will be done through the use of task management, designing and creating documents, maximizing instruction with presentation software, and creating tables to organize information. 
    Learning Outcomes:
    • To increase student’s computer capacity so they can be more efficient, save time, and money.
    • Provide students with “new” tools and methods of stream lining processes.
    • Give students the opportunity to enhance their repertoire of skills, ideas of how certain tasks can be done in their community that could save their community money. 
    • Students would bring back great ideas that will impress their managers and boards
      Instructor: Jennifer Hana, teacher in Wrightstown. Must be proficient in computer software.

  • Website Design:
    This class is for people who would like to build a new website.  The software that will be used is Word Press.  You will begin to design a website in this classInstructor:  Dan Moore, Graphic Designer and Webmaster for Outreach and Adult Access.

  • Electronic Newsletters:
    Are you thinking about or already creating an e-newsletter for your municipality? This workshop will teach you how to use free websites to create templates, mailing and tracking for a great communication tool. From there, we will teach you how to use free (or inexpensive) online editing tools to create interesting photos that can be used for many purposes. This interactive session will teach you some simple tricks to take better pictures and how to create collages, add text or borders to your pictures. Instructor: Nicole Virant is an adjunct instructor for computer and business courses at Globe University.

  • Gain Time and Efficiency by Maximizing Computer Capacity:
    If you’re a self-taught user, this course is for you! The power and capabilities of spreadsheets are amazing. The time saving applications will trim hours off of a project or obtaining information.
    Learning Outcome:
    • Learn how to use multi-sheet formulas, pivot tables, subtotaling and filtering features
    • Learn how to create rules to apply a conditional format to your data
    • Learn how to search and use the internet to quickly locate the answer to any question you may have
  • Instructor: Pat Theyerl is the IT Trainer and Help Desk Director at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Must have advanced spreadsheet skills.

* Wednesday afternoon classes will be loading buses to the UW-Green Bay campus at 12:30 pm.


Friday, July 18, 2014:

Choose one of the following courses.

8:00 to 11:00 am (Registration from 7:30 to 8:00 am)

  • You've Had a Disaster: What you Need to Know about Federal and State Disaster Assistance:
    This course will review the types of federal disaster assistance available to states and local government, and Wisconsin's Disaster Assistance Program. You will learn the criteria used to determine assistance, the limits of assistance available, and the records you must provide to document the damage in your community. Instructor: Larry Reed, retired Chief of Emergency Management for the State of Wisconsin and an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in Emergency Management.

  • Cyber Security:
    Banks, credit card companies, the Federal Government have all had cyber break-ins. It is a worry for every organization and community. How safe is my confidential information? In this course you will:
    • Identify current threats to information assets
    • Understand the key areas to evaluate in looking at an organization’s information security environment
    • Understand the importance of good password policies
    • Identify the methods and tools hackers use to compromise their targeted networks
    Instructor: Jeff Lemmermann, CPA, CITP, CISA, CEH, IT Security Senior Manager, has more than 22 years of business experience. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer/Chief Information Officer for Precision Plus, Inc., in Elkhorn. Lemmermann’s specialties include assisting businesses with assessing and auditing information systems, the performance of SSAE16/SAS 70 audits, PCI compliance consulting and general information system security.

  • Practical and Easy Technology That Will Save Time:
    Everyone could use a few technology tips and tricks in order to make their professional and personal life more efficient! There is a wide variety of free technology tools online. Collaborating, creating, and sharing, are the very art of these tools. Attend this class and walk away with an understanding of some FREE web-based tools, and how you can use them at work! Bring your laptop and follow the class hands-on. Be sure your laptop is fully charged and join in the fun! Instructor: Jennifer Hana, teacher in Wrightstown.

  • Beyond Board of Review:  Assessment, Claims & Appeals:
    Declining property values have caused property owners to investigate the avenues available for appeal beyond Board of Review resulting in increased claims and appeals filed. This course will take a closer look at the assessment process and clerk's  throughout the year including handling assessor errors, rescinded tax, omitted tax, preparing corrected tax bills, claims for excessive assessment, and handling changes in assessment due to Section 70.85 appeals to the Department of Revenue.  Instructor: Cathy Hasslinger serves as Clerk/Treasurer and Business Manager for the Town of Dunn. This is an advanced class.



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