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Local Government Education

Certificate in Public Management Essentials


The Certificate for Public Management Essentials is a certificate program for public officials wanting management training.  Through a variety of courses the public official will strengthen their administrative, technical and people skills.  Participants will earn a statewide-recognized certificate along with a quality education using the University of Wisconsin’s academic resources.


The Public Management Essential (PME) Certificate Program:

  • Addresses issues unique to being a manager in government
  • Provides an opportunity to strengthen your administrative, technical, and human skills
  • Gives you a statewide-recognized certificate and level of competence in management
  • Provides quality education using the University of Wisconsin’s academic resources

A minimum of 65 education hours of management or supervisory topics is required for completion of the UW-Green Bay’s Certificate in Public Management Essentials.  These hours are divided into two categories:

Part One (48 hours)
Management education courses offered by UW-Green Bay
Participants will take eight classes six hours each.  A variety of management and supervisory topics will be offered by UW-Green Bay.  Each organization will choose their course offerings from the PME course listing.  Associations generally offer one to two courses per year connected to their conferences.  These courses are offered by other organizations and events offered by the University.

Part Two (17 hours-minimum)
Technical or management education electives offered or recognized by your professional association, agency, municipality, or county
Each professional position of government has technical or management areas of particular interest to those holding the position. Part Two recognized the skills and education valued by your professional association and unit of government.  The points earned in Part Two will give to the opportunity.



  • WCCA  (Wisconsin County Clerks Association)
  • WCCO  (Wisconsin County Constitutional Officers)
  • WCTA  (Wisconsin County Treasurers Association)
  • WGFOA (Wisconsin Government Financial Officers Association)


If your organization is interested in offering the Public Management Essentials program please contact Kassie VanRemortel for more information at:  (920) 465-2468 or