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GPS Program

GPS Overview

GPS stands for Gateways to Phoenix Success, and the program has been designed to help you maximize your success in the first year of college. The transition to college can be a time of much change, from learning how to succeed in college-level courses to choosing majors to making friends and finding your niche on campus. And success in college certainly includes getting good grades in your first college classes. But success is also about building deep and supportive relationships with fellow students, faculty and staff, developing the skills and habits of a successful college student, growing in self-confidence, and getting connected with the Green Bay campus and community.

The GPS program provides students with a comprehensive, year-long set of experiences that help you succeed academically, build mentoring relationships with faculty and staff, make friends on campus and learn about UW Green Bay.

In the fall semester…

You’ll enroll in a special GPS section of a First Year Seminar class with a small group of other first semester students (your GPS team). This course will be lead by a Faculty Mentor, and supported by an Academic Advisor and a Peer Mentor.

  • You get to choose from among five of our most popular First Year Seminar courses!
    • First Year Seminars are small, freshman only classes on exciting topics that provide you with an opportunity to get to know other first year students and form mentoring relationships with faculty and peer mentors.
    • Every first year student must take a First Year Seminar, and the GPS program will give you the chance to be enrolled in one of our most popular Seminars before other students register.

And only the GPS First Year Seminars include a 1-credit weekly Fall Workshop where students learn from expert faculty and staff how to be successful in and get the most out of college (like how to take good notes, study for college-level courses and effectively manage your stress) and get information on many of the opportunities at UW-Green Bay (like study abroad, performing arts, and getting involved in campus organizations).

In the fall you’ll also be enrolled, with the same students from your First Year Seminar, in a section of Hum Biol 102: Introduction to Human Biology. This course is taken by most of our students to fulfill part of our Natural Science General Education requirement and is one of the more challenging courses students take in their first year. And students in the GPS program have access to free weekly study sessions (aka TOSS study sessions) that have been proven to significantly increase grades in the class!

In the spring semester…

You’ll continue to work with your GPS team of students, Faculty Mentor, Academic Advisor, and Peer Mentor in a 1-credit GPS Spring Seminar. In this spring course you will work together to complete a service experience in the community that addresses a theme from your First Year Seminar course, and you’ll complete projects that will help you choose a major, explore career interests, and begin working towards these goals.

And during the entire year…

You’ll attend social events and campus co-curricular programs and activities with your GPS team and Peer Mentor.

You’ll have monthly individual advising sessions with your Faculty Mentor and Academic Advisor, and receive individualized assistance to help you make a smooth transition to college.

And you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of other activities, like group dinners with your Faculty Mentor, and special invited guest speakers, that are available only to GPS students!

All of these activities have been specifically designed, using feedback from UW Green Bay students on the factors that most helped them adjust to college. And students who participate in the Phoenix GPS program have higher GPA’s, are more confident that they have the skills needed to be successful in college, are more engaged on campus, and find it easier to make friends – so it can really help you in all aspects of your college transition!