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Gateways to Phoenix Success

GPS Courses

Fall GPS Courses

1. First Year Seminar

You'll get to choose from among five of our most popular First Year Seminar courses!

First Year Seminars are small, 3-credit, freshman-only classes that all first year students must take in order to fulfill Gen. Ed. requirements. You'll enroll in a special GPS section of a First Year Seminar class with a small group of other first semester students (your GPS team). This course will be led by a Faculty Mentor and supported by an Acedemic Advisor and a Peer Mentor.

2. Fall GPS Workshop

In fall you'll also enroll, with your GPS team, in a 1-credit GPS Workshop course where students take a big picture perspective on how to get the most out of your college experience. You'll explore the many opportunities on campus and work to examine goals, identify opportunities, and develop plans for your success. A key component of this course is Ken Bain's excellent book, What the Best College Students Do.

"The workshop taught me ways to study, relieve stress, utilize the campus, get involved, and maintain good college etiquette... It changed my outlook on college."

3. Intro to Human Biology

Finally, In fall you'll be enrolled, with students from your GPS team, in a section of Hum Biol 102: Introduction to Human Biology (3 credits). This course is taken by many of our students to fulfill a Natural Science Gen. Ed. requirement and is one of the more challenging courses students take in their first year. And GPS students have access to free weekly study sessions, led by caring and knowledgeable advanced students, proven to significantly increase grades in the class!

"The TAs at the study sessions became people I can talk to about more than just Biology and they helped me so much during tough study sessions."

Spring GPS Course

In the spring semester you'll continue on with your GPS team of students, Faculty Mentor, Academic Advisor, and Peer Mentor in a 1-credit GPS Spring Seminar. In this course you will work together to complete a service project in the community that addresses a theme from your First Year Seminar course, providing you with valuable résumé-building experiences while making a positive difference in our community.

To learn more about some of the projects our GPS students have completed, click here.

"The GPS program influenced me to become a more caring person and find new ways to help others."