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Service Learning Projects


Creating the Rosemary Bartell Scholarship - Love & Lust 2015-15 Project

When we began our work on the service learning project in spring of 2015, something unexpected happened – our faculty mentor's mother passed away. Dr. Bartell had shared with us the story of her mother, a single parent who dropped out of college after her first year and never had a chance to go back after becoming a single parent. We had also learned about how difficult it was for single parents, especially mothers, to complete college. So we decided to help Dr. Bartell create a scholarship for single parents at UWGB, in her mother's name. During the spring semester we held bake sales, distributed flyers in our home communities, created a Facebook page for the scholarship, and worked with the Office of Advancement to develop the scholarship. We raised almost $5,000 during the semester, and our goal is to begin offering the scholarship in 2017-18. If you're interested in learning more about our work, or the scholarship, click here for our web site.

Helping Young Students Achieve Their College Dreams – Non-Profit Hopscotch 2014-15 Project

Students in Hopscotching the World of Nonprofits worked with the NEW Scholars program of Scholarships Inc. A college readiness program for under-represented students, the NEW Scholars work on reading, writing, and character while earning credits toward financial scholarships. Our class worked hands-on with the NEW Scholars for two afternoons, getting to know the middle schoolers and joining in with their book club, writing, and team building activities. On a Saturday morning in April, our class, who are under-represented college students themselves, sat with these kids' parents and shared what college was like for them and how they got there. Finally, the NEW Scholars visited campus for a tour by the GPS students, complete with a stop to see the friendly staff at the AIC and an actual dorm room (a highlight)! The visit concluded with a large circle where middle school students asked questions and we shared our own words of wisdom about what college was like, ranging from "sleep is important!" to "there are lots of people at UWGB to help you" and "try to get into the GPS program because it's made such a difference for me!"

A Garden for Howe Elementary School – What’s For Sale? 2014-15 Project

Our service learning project focused on teaching elementary school kids the value of sustainability. Our fall term course, "What's for Sale?" examined the growing power of consumer culture to define our political and social life in the United States. One of the assignments in the fall term asked students to keep a "consumption journal" for a week to consider their own relationship to consumer culture. As a result of the awareness that emerged from that assignment, as well as class discussions on the environmental impact of consumer culture, the class decided to focus on the theme of sustainability in the spring service learning project. We partnered with Howe Elementary School, in Green Bay, and worked on gardening projects with students in the school's YMCA-led aftercare program. Howe is a racially diverse, predominant low-income school (90% of the student body qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch). Our goal was to connect with these students around the issue of gardening and recycling. We planted seeds in recycled containers (egg cartons) and worked with the students to gather milk cartons and empty plastic soda/water bottles that we repurposed into planters. Our hope was to introduce the themes of "reduce, reuse, recycle" to the students and to let them experience the joy of getting their hands dirty in gardening. Their seedlings (flowers and vegetables) were transplanted into the school's outdoor garden later in the spring. In addition, our hope was that by connecting with these students through the gardening project, we may bring them one step closer to envisioning themselves as future college students.

Helping Young Students Embrace Nature - Wild: Nature and Modern Culture 2014-15 Project

Students in the Wild class explored the relationship between humans and nature from the perspective of the humanities (including philosophy, history, religious studies, First Nations Studies, and literature). One of the issues that the class considered was the lack of awareness or connection that many modern Americans feel with nature, as the result of our consumer economy and our technology-driven, fast-paced lifestyles. With these ideas in mind, his students developed an educational project. The class of fifteen first-year students visited Aldo Leopold school twice in April to take fifth graders on a nature walk, followed by a reflective art project, and to use a game to help keep them up-to-date on recycling policies in our region. The overall goal was to increase their knowledge and appreciation of their connection to the natural world. UWGB alumna Crystal Osman served as a Community Mentor for the class.

Identity and Service - Calvin & Hobbes 2014-15 Project

The Calvin and Hobbes GPS students helped boys and girls with their homework and other school assignments through the Boys and Girls Club while also organizing and running a bake sale to raise funds to support the Campus Closet. The Campus Closet provides for the basic living needs of UWGB students. Both projects were an exploration of the social aspect of personal identity and growth.