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Gateways to Phoenix Success

Faculty Mentors:

    “The GPS program has shown me the amount of support the faculty gives the students.”

    “…you have demonstrated to me that professors are there to help us as we go through life and that they are willing to talk with us…I realized that professors aren’t as intimidating as I had once thought they were. I started becoming more comfortable with my professors and that led to my ability to ask them questions, talk with them, etc.”

    “My faculty mentor had us schedule times to meet with her so we could get a feel of how it was to talk with a professor. This was a great idea!”

    “My faculty mentor was very friendly and helped me with everything I needed.”

    “My faculty mentor was interested to hear what I had to say and willing to provide solutions for all of my worries and concerns.”

    “I never thought I would be having dinners with my professor or peer mentor, or getting involved with a book drive, but I am very glad it has all happened.”

    “My GPS mentor was very willing to help out in any way to make not just my college experiences better but anything else going on in my life that I might need help with as well.”