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Gateways to Phoenix Success

Why Should You Participate?

Here’s what GPS students are saying about their experiences…

“Joining the GPS program, I felt was a great decision and if I could do it all over again I would. This program was very helpful in teaching what college is all about, and how to use the resources that are here.”

“Participating in the GPS program gave me people I could reach out to if I had questions or was struggling with something. It was nice that I knew in the beginning I had people that were looking out for me.”

“I would highly recommend the GPS program to any incoming freshman, as it is a great way to break out of your shell and become acquainted with college life. Really, it can only help you so why not? I plan to encourage my friend to do GPS next fall when she comes to UW-Green Bay.”

“I’ve met so many new people and I feel that our group is very close and like a small community. Together, we work well, help each other out, and enjoy being around one another.”

“I think the GPS program has given me a more positive outlook on my college experience, and will drive me to be more active in my involvement on campus. I feel like the experience has been invaluable…The program helps give people a sense of community, gives them goals to strive for, and builds important ties that will continue to be relevant for the rest of college.”

“The GPS program…built my confidence and showed me that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to.”

“The program gave me the advantage I need for next semester because now I know that I am not alone and there are many opportunities right in front of you.”

“The GPS program has helped me greatly because it helped me get settled into school. It made me participate in activities which got me involved with people, it made me attend student success and TOSS workshops which helped with my academics, and next semester I will be taking the course that deals with community service so it will help me become better involved with the community. The GPS program is a great program and I was very fortunate to be selected for it!”

“Because of the GPS program I feel like I met people I otherwise wouldn’t have. Overall, the program helped me transition into college in a smooth way. I found it really helpful and am so happy I decided to do it.”

“Getting involved in some of the clubs, volunteer activities, events, etc. can mold you into a different type of person. Now I see the bigger picture, and I’m not just focusing on getting my degree. I care more about helping others and utilizing my time to the most I can.”

“It helped me so much with adjusting to college and UWGB in general. I’m not sure that I would have done well at all if I had not joined the program. I was unprepared for the transition to college.”

“The GPS program has made me more confident in class and participating.”

“Not living on campus, I wasn’t sure what my college experience was going to be like. Little did I know what this program had in store for me! I absolutely love the class dinners we have, movie nights, workshops, etc.”

“As a person, the GPS program forced me to be social and meet other people other than my core group of friends. Sometimes making friends is difficult, so it was nice to have a class like ours that was fairly close in nature.”

“The GPS Program has helped me so much because it has given me a great way to meet friends. Thinking about it now, all of the friends I have now have come from this program.”