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Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies News

Welcome to the Graduate Studies News page! Check here frequently for event announcements, upcoming grant deadlines, & to learn about the exciting research being conducted by our Graduate faculty and students.

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Forsythe

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Professor Patrick Forsythe (Natural & Applied Sciences) and a group of UWGB environmental science students were recently featured in a piece on Northern Pike spawning and the implications of their research on future wetland restoration projects. Mitchell Lenz, UWGB senior, summed up their research, "We're catching pike, tagging them, trying to get eggs and milt to fertilize, and see how their egg recruitment is out of this wetland here."

For more, see the feature on Fox 11 News. Congrats to all involved in the research & keep up the great work!

Student Spotlight

Marc Minani Commencement 2016

Photo provided by Inside UW-Green Bay News.

Opportunity can catch you by surprise, showing up in the most unlikely places. So it’s smart to leave no stone unturned. That was just one piece of advice shared by UW-Green Bay Student Commencement Speaker Mark Minani at the Spring 2016 Ceremony at the Kress Events Center May 14.

The graduate student and Graduating Class Speaker has been turning over stones since arriving on campus and Green Bay in the fall of 2014. “The sheer number of connections and contributions he’s made on and off campus are inspiring,” noted Prof. Michael Zorn, Chair of the Environmental Science and Policy Graduate Program, in nominating Minani as a Commencement Speaker.

Read more about Marc's speech and his contributions to UW-Green Bay in Inside News.