The published  items listed above may be purchased from any music store and numerous web sites.
Published Works
Homage in Metal
for solo muliple-percussionist
published by Smith Sonic Art Editions
Duet Set P & D
four duets for two multiple-percussionists
published by Smith Sonic Art Editions
Suite 99
for solo multiple-percussionist
published by Mostly Marimba/Studio 4
Hand Drumming Essentials and
Hand Drumming Ensembles
published by Alfred Music Publishers

for solo multiple-percussionist.

Percussion trio; includes 2 vibraphones, chimes, embossed gongs, and more.  

The Recovery
for three multiple-percussionists; click the Audio link above to listen to it.

Neimos Duet
for multiple-percussionists,  includes various metal items and bowls, toms, cymbals, temple blocks, and more.

C&R Revisited
for four multiple-percussionists with medium-large set-ups; click the Audio link above to listen to it.

Call It a Day
for percussion, piano, clarinet, three saxophones,  euphonium, bass trombone, and tuba.

Rhythm Chants
I have composed many works for hand drumming ensemble not included in the Alfred publications.