Welcome to my webpage. I hope this page gives you a sense of who I am, and what I care about. The links along the left will give you more details (much more).

A brief introduction: This is my thirteenth year in Green Bay. I was born and raised in Bombay (India), got a B.S. at Carleton College (MN) in Psychology, then spent 5 years in Seattle at the University of Washington. After getting my Ph. D. (Social/Personality with Irwin and Barbara Sarason, social support and close relationship research), I did postdoctoral work at UCLA (Health Psychology with Shelley Taylor and Chris Dunkel-Schetter). Then I came here to Wisconsin.

I have served in a number of roles at UW-Green Bay including Chair of Psychology, Chair of Human Development, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and as co-director of the UW-Green Bay Teaching Scholars Program. I am also active outside UW_Green Bay-I am President of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP), am Chair of the Education and Training Council (Health Psychology, APA-Div 38), and Past-President of the Bay Area Community Council (BACC).

My passions are teaching, writing, and talking about psychology (I have non-academic passions too listed elsewhere on here). I savor psychology and am fascinated by how psychology can help make life better. I like the challenge of being as good a teacher as I can, and correspondingly, to help students learn to the best of their abilities and beyond. More on my research interests, professional activities and accomplishments, and the organizations I serve, on the accompanying links.