Sand Mandala and Closing Ceremony

Between Sunday, January 23 and Thursday, January 27 Tibetan monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery were in residence at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts on the UW-Green Bay campus. As a part of their educational outreach activities, the monks constructed a sand painted mandala at Port Plaza Mall in downtown Green Bay. On Thursday the monks concluded their residency with a closing ceremony at the site of the mandala, followed by the mandala's destruction. Small packets of the sand were distributed to those in attendance as a means of distributing the mandala's positive energy. The remaining sand was taken to the nearby Fox River and after a another brief ceremony the sand was poured into the river, again, as a means of distributing its positive energy.

Start of the ceremony
The mandala
Mandala (detail)
"Erasing" the mandala
Distributing the sand
The closing ceremony
Pouring the remaining sand into the Fox river

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