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Aldrete publishes third Great Courses lecture

Classics Prof. Gregory S. Aldrete, Humanistic Studies, recently had his third video lecture course published by The Teaching Company/The Great Courses. This one is titled “History’s Great Military Blunders and the Lessons They Teach.”.

Kaye reviews ‘American history for the Twitter age’

UW-Green Bay Prof. Harvey J. Kaye, Democracy and Justice Studies, offers a review of James West Davidson’s new book, A Little History of the United States, at The Daily Beast website. Kaye says the book struck a chord, in that he has “often thought of offering a course to history and social science students that would require them to tell the story of the United States in a limited number of words (say, a 5,000-word essay).”

Faculty note: Voelker channels Paine in Pittsburgh lecture

Historian David Voelker, associate professor of Humanistic Studies, recently delivered an invited lecture titled “‘To Begin the World Over Again': Thomas Paine and the American Founding” for Grove City College’s American Founders Luncheon Series Lectures in downtown Pittsburgh. The talk focused on what Voelker calls Paine’s “civil religion of reason.” He also reflected on how Paine might respond to our 21st-century challenges, noting: “I think that if Paine were to visit us today, he would ask us questions about where power has accumulated in our society and how that has affected the prospects of equal opportunities for all. Paine believed that the earth was an inheritance equally of all people, present and future, so I imagine that he would also ask difficult questions about how we are stewarding this marvelous gift.” Voelker also gave a “shout out” to colleague Harvey Kaye, whose 2005 book, Thomas Paine and the Promise of America, informs his thinking about Paine’s legacy.

Faculty note: 
Heidi Sherman

Heidi Sherman of Humanistic Studies has published “The Tooth Blades of Medieval Novgorod,” in K. Grömer and F. Pritchard (eds.) 2015: Aspects of the Design, Production and Use of Textiles and Clothing from the Bronze Age to the Early Modern Era. She presented her research The North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles in May 2014 in Hallstatt, Austria, and the Archaeolingua Main Series 33. Budapest 2015.

Faculty note: Aldrete publication

History Prof. Gregory S. Aldrete of Humanistic Studies had an article published in the August issue of the Spanish journal Desperta Ferro: Arqueología & Historia. It is a special issue on the lower classes of ancient Rome, with articles from scholars in France, Spain, England, and the United States. Aldrete’s article is titled “La voz del pueblo. Clases bajas y violencia políticamente motivada,” which translates as, “The Voice of the People: The Lower Classes and Politically Motivated Violence.”

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