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Office of Residence Life

Living Green: On Campus & Off

UW-Green Bay and the Office of Residence Life are committed to sustainability and energy conservation in all facilities, services, and programs. For more information regarding opportunities for individuals and organizations to take an active role in campus sustainability at UW-Green Bay, see Sustainability.

Residence Life

Sustainability in Campus Housing

Housing & Residence Life has worked hard to make living on campus eco-friendly. Take a look at some of the things we have done to help reduce our carbon footprint.

  • energy efficient boilers
  • water-saving toilets
  • water-saving faucets
  • motion sensitive lighting
  • energy efficient windows
  • eco-friendly insulation
  • eco-friendly building materials

Residence Green Life Committee and the Eco-Intern

The Residence Green Life Committee is responsible for creating a sustainable atmosphere in the residential community at University of Wisconsin- Green Bay.  Our mission is to educate, advocate, and inspire action for sustainable practices that can be brought to housing.

Alongside the Residence Green Life Committee, the Eco-Intern will serve a resource to campus housing and build programs to encourage fun green activities such as Make No Mark Week, and challenges to reduce Eco-Footprints. The Eco-Intern will work closely with Area coordinators, Community Advisors, Residence Assistants, the Community Development Sustainable Committee, RHAA, and NRHH to promote the campus's proud stamp as Eco-U.  Lastly, the Eco-Intern will be a representative of Office of Residence Life for Campus Conservation Nationals and Recycle-mania.  

Together the Residence Green Life Committee and the Eco-Intern plan to CIRCLE up!

C: Communicate effectively with AC's, RA's, CA's, and Sustainable Committee, Student organizations

I: Inspire action

R: Raise Awareness

C: Create a lasting change

L: Lead by example

E: Educate

To the residents of University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, we challenge you to get involved, and do your part to make the community sustainable as possible. 

First opportunity to get involved is take the pledge to Make No Mark Week, the first meeting will be November 6th, 2014.

Energy Conservation Awareness

Each year, the Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA) sponsors an building energy-saving contest. Watch your campus email for details and look for ways you can conserve energy and participate in sustainability efforts on our campus.

Green Blog

Sustainability BlogRSS

  • Jun

    UW-Green Bay students donate 6,000 lbs of goods for charitable cause

    During the Move-Out Donation program at UW-Green Bay, about 6,000 lbs of material were donated for a good cause. Goods varied from food, clothes, books, and small furniture to other items typically found in a dorm room. Thanks to the cooperation with St. Vincent de Paul, students at UW-Green Bay could drop off the goods […]

  • May

    Donate! Or: A smart twist on moving out for the summer

    For the Spring Semester move-out, we partner with St. Vincent DePaul of Green Bay for a collection drive. Bins are set up in the common areas of most buildings for students to donate the items they no longer want – whether clothes, kitchen goods, furniture, books, stuffed animals (yes, there have been a few!). In […]

  • Apr

    Throwback Thursday in honor of 45th Earth Week

    In 1973, the first gardening efforts occurred on the UWGB campus. Barbara Rosenbaum, a student from Missouri, contacted the Office of Student Life wondering if there was a section of campus land that could be made available for a garden. Other students, faculty, and staff soon joined the efforts. Dick Christie, director of student life, […]

On Campus


DigiCOPY offers a number of green certified paper materials for printing as well as a greener mindset looking forward.

At DigiCOPY, we recognize that the future of our business is dependent on the responsible use of our natural resources. We understand that this involves commitment and actions alike. Therefore, we have implemented a Sustainable Management Policy through which we strive to reduce waste, recycle print materials, and educate our co-workers.

Stop in at DigiCOPY, the 1st floor of the University Union, today to see a complete list of their environmentally freindly options.


The ‘Naturally’ program indorses locally bought, organic foods through our dining service provider, Aviands. In addition to sponsoring organic food options, A'viands practices ocean-friendly seafood choices. Not only will you be able to eat nutritiously, you will also be supporting sustainable practices. A'viands is also currently working with the University and Sanimax to try and develop a plan for composting.

Local Vendors

In addition to local vendors, A'viands also has a number of local distributors that provide a number of national brand products. By using local distributors, they cut down on some transportation costs and help the local economy by supporting local businesses.

Local Distributors

  • Coca-Cola Bottling Co (Wrightstown, WI)
  • Green Bay Seven-Up (Green Bay, WI)
  • Pepsi Cola of Northeast Wisconsin (Green Bay, WI)
  • Ice Cream Novelties and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream: Engelhardt Dairy (Kewaskum, WI)
  • Dean Distibuting provides Monster Energy Drinks (Menomonee Falls, WI)
  • US Foods: this is A'viands main supplies distributor (Menomonee Falls, WI).They work with a number of brands that happen to have ties to Wisconsin and the Midwest. In addition, US Foods has its own private brand label.

The University Union

In 2011, two rain barrels were installed outside the building to collect rainwater. Since this water is not chemically treated, it is used for plants around the building, as well as the Memorial Garden and the Sustainable Local Organic (SLO) Food Alliance’s food gardens.

Every year a recycling program, Recyclemania, is brought to campus. Recyclemania promotes better recycling practices for students and staff, as well as promoting across-campus cooperation to conserve. Even though this is just a seasonal program that the Union cooperatively supports, the Union promotes sustainability all year round!

There are many ways that the Union, along with UW-Green Bay, encourages the reuse of drinking containers. Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs are available for purchase in The Phoenix Bookstore. Along with purchasing reusable drinking containers, there is a hydration station located on the second floor of the University Union that keeps track of how many plastic water bottles are saved. For those coffee nuts, there is still opportunity to be sustainable in the Union. At Common Grounds Coffeehouse, if you bring a reusable mug, you are given a discount on coffee. Discounts are also available at all dining locations on a variety of beverages when using your reusable mug.

Along with programs promoted by the University Union, the building itself implements ways to be conservative. With the use of double doors, natural lighting, and window blinds, the building is able to be more conservative with heating and cooling costs. Motion activated, energy efficient LED lights are used as a way to save energy in the building. In addition, our restrooms use motion activated soap dispensers, sinks, toilets, and drying stations, to stay clean without wasting water or electricity. Also, when purchasing any new appliances or equipment, we look for energy efficient options.


Recyclemania is a friendly yearly competition with other colleges and universities in North America and Canada to see who can do the best job of reducing, reusing and recycling. During the eight weeks of February 3 – March 30, we’ll be having our waste hauler record the amount of waste and recycling removed from ALL our campus dumpsters. That volume is converted to weights and entered in the RecycleMania database for all to see … and compare our progress against other schools!

Find Out More About Recyclemania

Go Greener

Going Green

If you are interested in trying to live greener, even on campus, here a few tips and tricks to get you going in the right direction.

  • Pull down window shades at night in the winter and during the day in the summer
  • Buy inexpensive mugs and plates that you can wash rather than disposable ones
  • Avoid over-packaged takeout food
  • Buy a water filter and refill a reusable container instead of buying cases of bottled water
  • Take shorter showers; don't run the water before getting in, and turn off the water when lathering
  • Air dry clothing whenever possible
  • Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap for a cold drink
  • Turn off lights when not in room
  • Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, tin cans, and batteries
  • Keep water on low/turn off when brushing teeth
  • Limit bathroom exhaust fan use
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Turn off your computer/TV/radio when not in your room
  • Close and latch all windows
  • Turn down your heat
  • Put your TV on a sleep timer

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