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Office of Residence Life

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders employed by the Office of Residence Life. RAs live in each residence hall and apartment building. RAs are there to help provide a fun, educational and cooperative living environment where everyone can take ownership. The primary role of a RA is to help you develop community on your floor/wing, but they also are trained in peer guidance, leadership development, crisis intervention and establishing community standards (policy enforcement). RAs are hired because of their leadership skills and personal commitment to helping you succeed. In short, the RA is the “go to” person for any question or concern you might have.

Community Advisors (CAs) are more experienced RAs who have been given additional training and responsibility to help guide and mentor a group of RAs. CAs assist the professional, live-in staff members we call Area Coordinators (ACs) in overseeing everything that happens within an area (a designated group or residence halls or apartments).

RAs and CAs are hired early each spring semester for the following academic year. Check out our Employment Opportunities page for more information about applying to be a RA.

Residence Halls   Traditional Apartments   Private Bedspace Apartments
Room Phone Number   Room Phone Number   Room Phone Number
AWH-204A 920-883-3148   3312-A1A 920-883-3151   DHH-103A 920-883-4646
AWH-307A 920-883-3411   3312-B2A 920-883-3437   DHH-203A 920-883-4609
BSH-207A 920-883-3085   3314-A1A 920-883-3163   DHH-304A 920-883-4709
BSH-304A 920-883-3183   3314-B2A 920-883-3035   ETH-109A 920-883-3505
BWH-204A 920-883-3119 3316-A1A 920-883-3186   ETH-204A 920-883-3542
BWH-307A 920-883-3378   3316-B2A 920-883-3367   ETH-307A 920-883-3586
CVH-207A 920-883-3180   3318-A3A 920-883-3292   JRH-105A 920-883-4493
CVH-304A 920-883-3282   3318-B1A 920-883-3401   JRH-203A 920-883-4535
DLH-207A 920-883-3174 3322-A3A 920-883-3426 JRH-304A 920-883-4596
DLH-304A 920-883-3160 3322-B4A 920-883-3237 KPH-109A 920-883-4113
JLH-204A 920-883-3185   3324-A1A 920-883-3220   KPH-202A 920-883-4830
JLH-307A 920-883-3332   3324-B2A 920-883-3224   KPH-308A 920-883-4940
JTH-207A 920-883-3070   3326-A3A 920-883-3166   RLH-109A 920-883-4113
JTH-304A 920-883-3279   3326-B4A 920-883-3358   RLH-204A 920-883-4114
RDH-108A 920-883-4369   3332-A2A 920-883-3176   RLH-307A 920-883-4115
RDH-125A 920-883-4271   3332-B1A 920-883-3014   THH-109A 920-883-4780
RDH-209A 920-883-4210   3334-A3A 920-883-3086   THH-204A 920-883-4760
RDH-226A 920-883-4385   3334-B1A 920-883-3101   THH-307A 920-883-4773
RDH-308A 920-883-4374            
RDH-325A 920-883-4223            
RSH-207A 920-883-3361            
RSH-304A 920-883-3262            
RWH-207A 920-883-3135            
RWH-304A 920-883-3219            
TLH-204A 920-883-3413            
TLH-307A 920-883-3320

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